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How to choose right powder mixing machine?

Mixer models,according to different classification,can be divided into a variety of, mainly vertical, horizontal paddle, drum, V, double cone, etc., there are intermittent work (batch) and continuous work style two State. Different mixer manufacturers of product manufacturing level will certainly be the pros and cons, buy the mixer should be based on their own production needs to choose a higher level of manufacturing mixer.
Different types of mixers have different mixing methods, and practice has proved that some of the mixed objects (materials) in some way the best mixing effect, so according to the different mixing objects and the producers themselves to achieve the goal of mixing ( Effect) to use different types of mixers.
It is difficult to mix the powder mixes, but when the feed is to be added with molasses and the addition is as high as 30% to 40%, it is quite appropriate to mix with the mixer. Type mixer and V-type mixer are more suitable for mixed flow better and less fluid materials.
If the mixture size between the material (thickness) is closer to the use of vertical mixer, and the mixed material between the particle size difference is large when the use of gold-licensing double-motion mixer.
The level of mixing efficiency, the length of mixing time, the speed of mixing, mainly by the mixer model and the accuracy of its own manufacturing equipment to determine the level. The traditional mixer takes longer, but the new double motion dry powder mixer needs very short time to mix evenly, and the mixing uniformity is also higher.
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