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High efficiency labrotary use powder mixing machine

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, in the early stages of the development of new products, the need for small batch mixing, and the uniformity of the requirements of mixed high. Now is the laboratory in the completion of some small batch mixing time, due to the use of large or traditional mixing can not guarantee uniformity requirements, so often used in the way of artificial grinding, mixing a few hundred grams or so; However, in a relatively large batch or More batches of time, and then the use of artificial grinding method, greatly increased the labor intensity of the experimental staff, but also restricts the further development of product development. Therefore, the invention of a new and efficient small labrotary use powder mixing machine, for the pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises early product development is also particularly important.
With the existing customer demand-oriented, Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. after painstaking research, for the early product research and development launched JHT series of desktop experimental dual-motion mixer, compared to the traditional mixer, this device has the following five advantages:
1, the use of 2L-13L multi-standard stainless steel barrel, to adapt to a variety of mixed tasks, you can do small batch mixing experiments, but also to do more than batch mixing experiments, to fully play the potential of the equipment.
 2, the use of independent research and development of the company's dual-motion hybrid hybrid technology - barrel to do 360 degrees without dead angle rotation at the same time, built with the barrel supporting the full-size screw antlers, the blade is higher than the barrel speed 1.5 Times the speed of independent rotation, to achieve the double movement of the material superposition of mixing, greatly improving the mixing uniformity;
3, the use of turbo-worm motor with governor to meet the different requirements of mixing experiments when the speed, especially for a variety of laboratory mixing process;
4, easy to clean, this model of the barrel and the internal leaves can be manually removed, can easily clean the barrel of any part of the internal rotation and rotation of the leaves, put an end to the cross between the different batches of material contamination;
5, the mixer's outer skin surface using high-temperature spray coating plus paint process, the appearance of smooth, good anti-rust performance; use of rotary switch control equipment, to achieve zero-speed equipment, safe and convenient!
This equipment can meet the needs of the laboratory to do a hybrid experiment, is the most advanced laboratory mixing equipment on the market!
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