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Dry powder mixer safe use basis

Dry powder mixer is one of the main high-power operation equipment of powder mixing, and its main models have ordinary models and reinforced models, and all play an important role in powder mixing. But it should be noted that no matter what kind of mixer to ensure that the operation of the various key components safe and stable, which requires the application of equipment maintenance in place, maintenance and safety testing in a timely manner and so on.
First, the mixer equipment operation to regulate This is a standard operating workers must do, so not only to ensure the safe and smooth operation of equipment, and in accordance with the regular operation of the equipment to operate the equipment to operate in order to achieve human safety , So that the man-made a better adaptation and application of the combination.
Second, the installation of dry powder mixer is very important, enterprises in the first application, the general need for professional staff to install the guidance to ensure that the first installation in place and the latter part of the application of safe and reasonable. It should be noted that the equipment is placed smoothly, equipped with a large machine or large mechanical pallet, and pad flat, so that the test run can run freely, to achieve a smooth mixing after loading.
Third, the mixing machine feeding process to note: the need for equipment to start normal after the feeding operation, and then mixed material. The feeding port to the top, jog operation to stop the machine running, jog open the feeding valve, to achieve automatic screwdriver feeding machine feeding, feeding through the procedures prescribed, must be mixed batch as the standard to specify the volume, and then close Feed the valve, start the machine to run.
Fourth, the motor equipment, barrels of sealing equipment, coupling rubber ring, rolling bearings, etc., these are the main components of dry powder mixing machine, their maintenance needs in place, if the work in the event of problems should be replaced in time to avoid impact The whole machine is safe to operate.
Dry powder mixer to ensure that the operation of various key components safe and stable, in fact, is to ensure that the mixer machine operation safe. Need to pay attention to the four in addition to the above described, but also need some common sense content, such as the maintenance of motor parts, maintenance; fixed parts in the mixing began to pay attention to ensure the installation of tightness and so on. These are all kinds of dry powder mixing machinery and equipment safe use of the foundation.
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