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The three dimensional mixer advantages and disadvantages .

Three-dimensional mixer with its three-dimensional space in the way of operation, to achieve a better use of various materials space for multi-directional rotation mixing, which is its unique working principle. Compared with the traditional mixing equipment, whether it is equipment processes, processes or barrels of the way have their unparalleled advantages. Compared with the traditional V-type machine, slot machine, planetary mixer or rotary mixer, can demonstrate the unique advantages of its industry applications, the industry's dual-motion mixer is a three-dimensional movement of a new type of hybrid Machine, here is not described in detail.
Three-dimensional mixer operation to space-based multi-dimensional, with unique performance, and the operation of the translation, and make a variety of materials in different three-dimensional space for the rotation or rock movement and so on. Three-dimensional mixer in the operation process to fully realize the material in the mixing bucket of some complex movement, such as in the powder needs of the rotary flow, translational operation and inverted movement, etc., combined with their own advantages and combined with the impact of powder gravity, So that the mixed powder to achieve the point between the full mixing, and then have a customer satisfaction with the mixed effect.
The motion structure of the three-dimensional mixer determines the breadth of its application, and can be mixed with a variety of materials with different phases. Such as solid-liquid mixing, powder mixture, a variety of different particle size of the different powder mixture and its granular solute to join the solvent mixture and so on. Three-dimensional mixer with a variety of advantages can be achieved to fully stir, to speed up the mixing, and finally to achieve all the materials involved in the mixing in the space to achieve uniform distribution, that is, full mixing.
Anything is absolutely perfect, three-dimensional mixer is no exception. In the mixed mixer, the segregation problem may occur in the mixed material. The influence of the centrifugal force on the material due to the high speed operation in the mixing motion makes the material appear segregation phenomenon, which may have some influence on the powder mixing. It is necessary to use some feasible way to reduce or eliminate the centrifugal force on the material mixture or the impact of the material itself, such as increased capacity, the appropriate reduction in speed, etc., which is very good double-motion mixer.
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