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Working characteristics of pharmaceutical powder mixer

Double movement mixer is the industry model of efficient pharmaceutical powder mixer , it is not only a hybrid advanced process that can solve a variety of powder mixing problems, but also suitable for various industries.There is a wide range of equipment that are suitable for mixing batch after batch.More importantly,this double movement pharmaceutical mixer has unique advantages in pharmaceutical and food powder mixing. It is the first euipment that simplifies the complexity of  pharmaceutical powders equal volume increasing mixing.
High efficient dry powder mixer consists of three major parts, feeding, mixing and discharging,fully realizes the integration of the mixing work.Its products and working characteristics are as follows,
1.The use of cross-shaft structure of the barrel, mixing more evenly, smooth operation, stirring evenly, no dead corners, discharge clean, wide range of applications, to adapt to various industries of various powder.
2.The use of internal blade components and barrels of different speed of the staggered reciprocating mixing, to achieve the proliferation of gravity mixed stacking shear type mixing, mixing speed, high mixing uniformity.
3.Can be supporting the conveyor for the domestic brands, and in the mixing device equipped with automatic docking device, feeding convenience, the feed port and the ground flush, easy to feed.
4.High-end design, full-featured. Equipped with automatic access device. From the feed inlet, through the spiral blade to the material into the dry powder mixer into the mixing barrels for mixing. When the material into the barrel for reciprocating movement, mixing mixing effect is good.
Above are of  operating characteristics of Zhengzhou Jinde Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. double movement high efficiency dry powder mixer , the mixing device is not only a mixed advantage, the loading rate is also  twice higher than the three-dimensional mixer, to achieve a top two machines,but also a highly efficient energy-saving, quality assurance excellent mixer!
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