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New Technology of High - efficiency Mixing of Jinhe Double -

    Large-scale mixer is used for high-volume and efficient mixing of mechanical equipment, but also used to batch into a number of small batch of products for a large number of mixing equipment, large mixer industry commonly used in large double cone double helix Machine and double-motion large-scale mixer two, in many large-scale mixer can achieve efficient mixing, mainly reflected in the new hybrid technology on the new hybrid.
    For the new dual-motion process, no matter what kind of mixer is the industry's representatives of high-end process equipment, not only in the performance of the product to ensure consistency, national patents, mixed even high degree, but also because the series of mixing equipment Has a greater advantage of use. Large-scale double-cone mixer to the industry's high-quality Zhengzhou double-action, for example, the mixing process on the equipment requirements are: large capacity, smooth operation, the use of safe and convenient, and the mixed standard is not high, so JHS double cone Batch mixing machine is produced in accordance with the above requirements, the device uses a simple single motion to reduce the cost of equipment.
    Zhengzhou Jinhe equipment is not only a representative of efficient mixing process equipment, but also focus on and service enterprises, its large mixer series there is a large double-motion mixer production line, the mixing process can be a perfect realization of the material, Heavy, packaging and a series of processes, and full automatic control, the perfect solution to large quantities of mixed difficult problems, and efficient uniform, time-saving, energy saving, provincial labor.
    Double-action large-scale mixer is a new type, high efficiency, fine container rotary, mixing type mixing equipment for a variety of powder, granular materials, uniform mixing, with a high degree of mixing, the amount of ingredients added to the same can be achieved The machine has a mechanical seal, the powder will not leak, the bearing life is long; in order to improve the mixing efficiency, gold double action in the barrel set up within the four huge screw fixed blade, when the barrel Rotate, dry powder in the barrel at the end of rolling, the propeller leaves allow dry powder shunt around, so as to use a simple operating structure to improve the mixing efficiency. The machine has high mixing efficiency, high working efficiency, low labor intensity and easy operation. Can be used in magnetic powder, ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and other industries.

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