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Horizontal Mixer New technology to achieve high efficiency a

Jinhe double movement horizontal mixer is a new powder mixing equipment which is different from traditional mixers, with charactrestics of high efficiency and low energy consumption, and its equipment structure is also unique.The mixing space of the mixer is a conical barrel, and the whole model is in the horizontal form. The barrel has a set of running blade components and barrel running at the same time but at different speeds, and the high speed movement of the barrel of the high speed of the internal blade, with the main mixing shaft at an angle to form a cross shaft operation mixed with the material to fully run the mixing, cutting, convection mixing.
The internal operation of the blade assembly in the double movement horizontal mixer is different from that of traditional mixers. The early plow knife causes big damages to the material's crystal due to the high speed movement of the flying knife. Double movement process under the mixer used in the internal components of the blade to the main low-speed operation to break up, mixed mainly on the material powder or particles almost no damage.
Double motion horizontal mixer of the power requirements of the center, the mixing efficiency is high, the mixing time is low. The traditional mixer is the use of the barrel of space to turn the mixture material, the double-motion mixer is the use of barrels of space to flip the stack of multi-blade high-speed agitation, the two effects at the same time the material mixing, because the blade agitation mixing efficiency is higher than the space flip effectiveness. So the mixing efficiency of the dual-motion mixer is more than double the efficiency of the conventional mixer.
The mixing efficiency of the horizontal mixer under the double motion process is high efficiency and time saving,that is proved by thousands of experiments. Here in the practical application as an example to analyze: in the powder metallurgy industry, molybdenum-based alloy powder on the mixing target is very high, with a V-machine mixing takes 15 hours to meet the requirements of the task of mixed tasks, and double-motion mixer only With 5 hours to fully meet the requirements of the task of mixed tasks, that is, from the mixing time on the dual-movement horizontal mixer compared to the traditional machine has also done a "machine top two machines."
Double-movement horizontal mixer can be customized to meet all your needs.Mainly used in powder mixing,the powder materials can take a small amount of short fiber, you can add 
a small amount of liquid into the materials . It is widely used in the process of mixing, stirring, drying and coloring of various materials in plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, food, daily chemical, building materials, white powder and fiber powder.

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