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The application of double cone mixer in all kinds of powder

Mixing machines, also known as mixer or blender,is a necessary equipment in all kinds of powder industries.With the continuous development of Chinese industry, the development of mixing systems, mixing processes and mixer equipment will become more and more powerful, it also is related to a variety of new processes and new materials.
Mixing and mixing equipment cover the entire industrial areas, such as chemical, food, building materials, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, our daily use of products in the production of at least one step in the mixing process. Mixing uniformity: Analyze the physical quantity of the material with good or bad, obtained by probability theory, and the mixing uniformity is determined by the type of mixer. While the bulk mixing requires the use of a mixing device for a double cone mixer.
Double cone mixer Mixer bucket is used for the inverted cone type, the barrel has two, three or a single screw shaft in the case of rotation and along the barrel wall revolution, motor reducer and other power devices in the mixer at the top. Mixed materials for a wide range of mixed material density deviation, particle size deviation requirements are not very strict, easy to control the friction of the material from the heat or static.
Double cone mixer mixed material on the crystal damage to the small. Equipment, power requirements when mixed, the same type of equipment, motor power greatly reduced. Equipment model can be expanded to a large, China's domestic use with a maximum of 36 cubic meters, is the domestic Zhengzhou Jinhe equipment manufacturing professional production. Mixing time is relatively long, while large equipment manufactured in three spiral form, can greatly shorten the mixing time.
Double cone mixer application and powder and powder mixture, can be mixed in the material into the material into a lot of liquid, but the whole process of mixing material is reflected in the solid powder, application examples of dyes, monosodium glutamate, additives, plastic particles etc

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