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The advantages of choosing double movement dry powder mixing

What are the main factors that affect powder mixing?Such as melt viscosity, composition ratio, interfacial tension between the two phases and the flow field form (shear flow, tensile flow) and its strength provided by the dry powder mixer all affect the powder mixing.At the same time, the mixing time of the materials in the mixer also affects the mixing effect to a great extent, and the effect of various mixing effects on the powder mixing project was discussed. Therefore, how to choose a good dry powder mixer has become a mixture Industry goals.
In the process of powder mixing, the mixing elements include "shear", "shunt", "merge and replace", "squeeze", "stretch" and "gather" and so on.These effects are interrelated in the course of the movement of the various dry powder mixers, which do not appear in the same way as in the mixing process, but only one or two of them play a leading role,for example, in V-type mixer applications, the uniform mixing of plastic and rubber powder is mainly achieved by convection mixing of gravity convection mixers. This mixing effect is not ideal and requires repeated mixing.At the same time, the V-type mixer adopts the gravity diffusion method to carry on the gravity lifting type mixing to the powder, so that the mixed form is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the mixing, and the original appearance of the powder will also change.
But double movement dry powder mixer relies on the internal blades movement and the external bucket along the cross shaft rotation movement, so the material 360 degrees without dead mix, to ensure uniform mixing on the basis of maintaining the original powder. The dual-motion mixer is a new type of mixing and mixing process for powder mixing.
Because double movement dry powder mixing machine barrel with a rotating shaft and 8 full-size spiral blade for the rotation of the material to stir the material mix, played a material shear, interspersed, shunt and so on. At the same time, the dual-motion mixer can also use the oblique insertion axis of the asymmetric trajectory to rotate the drum, so that the material is left and right convection.In this two kinds of mixing, the former role is far greater than the latter, and the former works so that our mixer can have a high material loading rate, the loading rate can reach 80%, or even 85%.In other words, only from the loading rate on the dual-movement dry powder mixer compared to the traditional mixer (V-type mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.) to do a more efficient, even more uniform.

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