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How powder coating can be mixed more evenly?

    Powder coating is the main powder material of new type building materials,it is a new solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. With variety of advantages such as solvent-free, non-polluting, recyclable, environmentally friendly, energy and resources saving, reduce labor intensity and high mechanical strength of the coating film, it is the essential powder material used in construction industry and decoration industry,its quality is directly related to the living environment and safety. So the production of materials and materials mixing process are the issues all manufacturers are concerned about.
    How to mix powder coatings more evenly, more environmentally friendly and safer is the proplem the whole powder mixed industry cares about.
    Here is an national patented product,an exclusive patented product,an GMP certified product, high efficiency dry powder mixer,this porduct has a double motion mixing process, it is also the industry's only new type of technology-type hybrid equipment.We commit to solving variety of mixing problems.
   Double movement dry powder mixer is widely used 
not only in the construction powder coating industry,but also in the fields of chemical industry, pesticide, medicine, dye, food, feed, additive, rare earth, super hard material, metal powder and powder (solid-liquid) Preferred mixer equipment.

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