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JHS Double Cone Health Products Mixer


JHS Double Cone mixer machine is used to combine multiple small batch materials into one batch materials (batching) in order to guarantee consistent performance of products.
Because this situation needs huge capacity, operate stably, safety and convenience, JHS double cone chemical mixer machine is adapt to the task.
JHS has its unique advantage that we design 8 huge impending spiral fixed blades so as to improve mixing efficiency. When the barrel turning, dry powder turning over, the spiral blades could make dry powders shunt around. Therefore, this new principle greatly promotes mixing efficiency.
JINHE Double cone health products mixer machine have 3 types.
One is chemical type: This one use plastic spray processing to treat surface.
Another is pharmacy type: All of the surface is stainless steel and allowed the GMP standard.


Technical Parameters

Mode Max Capacity(L) Max Barrel Loading capacity(L) Barrel wall thickness(mm) Barrel speed(r/min) Blade speed  Motor power Size
JHS2000 2000 1050 6 10 10 12 3050*1550*2600
JHS3000 3000 1450 6 8 8 18 3000*1800*3000
JHS5000 5000 2400 6 8 8 25 4100*2100*3300
JHS10000 10000 6000 8 4.4 4.4 75 4900*3200*4500
JHS15000 15000 9000 10 4.3 4.3 90 5384*3374*4878
JHS30000 30000 18000 12 4 4 200 5961*3390*5833


Product Advantage:
In order to improve the mixing efficiency, JINHE double movement mixer install 4 sets of huge fixed screw blade in the interior of the barrel. When the rolling barrel rotation, dry powder at the bottom of the barrel, the propeller can make powder left to right shunt, and simple operation structure and enhance the mixing efficiency.


It’s applied to the mixing of dry powders in industries of powder metallurgy, Pharmaceutical powder, Food additives powders, Cosmetic powder, magnetic materials, precious metal powder, non-ferrous metal powder, chemicals, abrasives, foodstuff,feed,dyestuff ,Laboratory and so on.

Due to its high mixing efficiency, it is particularly suitable for mixing powder which demand strict requirement.
Suitable for fine powder, superfine powder, powder with big difference in specific gravity.

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